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16.05. Leimersheim
13.06. Landeck - Johannisfeuer
27.06. Burg Münzenburg
05.09. Landeck - Saisonabschluss

17:00 Uhr

05.12.2020 St. Gallus, Birkenhördt,
17:00 Uhr



Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees
(Elvis Presley)

Somewhere in, in the distant night
I hear christmas bells
The gentle snow keeps falling down on people
Who are homeward bound
Thats the its always been
The circle really never ends
Christmas seems to come and go
From the place that I dont know
Holly leaves and christmas trees
Its that time of year

Lights aglow and mistletoe
Dont mean a thing when youre not here
As I walk, walk this lonely street
The sound of snow beneath my feet
Ill think of how it used to be
Holly leaves and christmas trees
Use to mean so much to me