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Beginn jeweils 20:30 Uhr
14.07. Hockenheim
21.07. Siebeldingen
20:00 Uhr

Hochstadt Knoppfest
bei der Feuerwehr

18.08. Bindersbach
20:00 Uhr
01.09. Landeck, Saisonabschluss
19:00 Uhr!



02.12. Bellheim
07.12. Adventsfest Knöringen
ab 17:00
08.12. Birkenhördt, St. Gallus 17:00
09.12. Landau, Augustinerkirche 18:00
15.12. Wilgartswiesen


Simple Love Song (reinhören)

Ill close my eyes but I cant sleep tonight
I always dream bout you
And now some memories are coming back to me
And makes me wonder, whether or not we told the truth.

Too much time was spent with unimportant things
Now we are smarter than before
And so the future will bring us happines, I hope
No dissagreement destroys our life at all.

Na na na na ........

Oh please believe me, Id do everything for you
If you lead me by your hand
So dont say No and take a chance with me
And I will take you to a foreign land

So wont you help me to leave the bad days all behind
I implore you, catch me if Im fallin down
Take our love and bring it back to me
And I am sure we will never loose the ground.