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16.05. Leimersheim
13.06. Landeck - Johannisfeuer
27.06. Burg Münzenburg
05.09. Landeck - Saisonabschluss

17:00 Uhr

05.12.2020 St. Gallus, Birkenhördt,
17:00 Uhr


The Mc Gregors

Mc Gregor o' the heilan' clan ye left five sons and no ' a man,
Your motley crew dae a' they can tae terrorize the border,
Young Jamie we 'his fourteen weans, ne'er a steek tae claed their banes,
WI'idle lands and little brains cause nothing but disorder

Mc Gregor o you've left your gun tae Robin Oidh your second son,
Noo poor Mc Laren's days are done.Jamie#s ta'enhis cattle
He's led them af at early down , your widow Ellen led them on
She's better see that they are gone, or be prepared for battle

Mc Gregor o your kith and kin have loupit ower the loch and lin,
A wife o'Robin they maun bin, pick on one wi' plenty,
Young Jamie's ttaen a widow tree, wi'mansion hoose for a'tae see,
Her mother just for company,and Jean was barely twenty

Mc Gregor a tae see them go intae the hills abune Glencoe,
The rascals noo are lyin' low, hope for Jeannnie's favours,
But she would spurn the rogue's embrace, her tempered wrath was hard tae face
They swore they'd put her in her place, and on her best behavior.

Mc Gregor o if you could see the pleedin' in the lassie's e'e,
I'm sure ye'd set the widow free, it's cruel tae hear her sobbin',
Against her will though she be led, and ae man force her tae the bed,
Arm uo the kirk where they are wed.She'll ne'er submit tae Robin.

Mc Gregor o it's drawing near, this time the law will make it clear,
The rascal's days are short I fear, hands are on the lever
The gallows noo will have its chance , Jamie's fled awa' tae France,
He'll no be here tae see Rab dance. In Hell they'll meet thegither.