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11.05. Leimersheim
22.06 Landeck - Johannisfeuer
30.06 Rheinland-Pfalz-Tag, Annweiler 19:30 Uhr Rathausplatz
20.07 Siebeldingen
26.07 Richard-Löwenherzfest,
17.08 Bindersbach
31.08 Landeck - Saisonabschluss

ev. Kirche Annweiler 17:00 Uhr

06.12 Adventsfest Knöringen
07.12 St. Gallus, Birkenhördt, 17:00 Uhr
08.12 Augustinerkirche, Landau, 17:00 Uhr
22.12 Kath. Kirche St. Maria Himmelfahrt Herxheim, 19:00 Uhr


Raggle Taggle Gypsy  

There were three gypaiea coming to my hall door
Down the stairs ran this lady-o
One sang high and the other sang low
And the other sang a Bonny, Bonny, Biscayo
It was up the stairs that the lady went
Put on her silk and leather – o
There was a cry from around the door
She's away with the raggle-taggle gypsy-o
It was late that night when the lord came in
Enquiring for his lady-o
The servants said on every hand
She's away with the raggle-taggle- gypsy-o
0 saddle for me my milk white steed
Go fetch me my pony-o
That I may go and seek my bride
Who's away with the raggle-taggle gypsy-o
0 he rode east and he rode west
He rode through-the copses-o
Until he came to a wide open field
It was there that he spied his lady-o
0 what made you leave your house and your land
What made you leave your money-o
What made you leave your new-wedded lord
To be off with the raggle-taggle gypsy-o
0 what do I care for my house and my land
What do I care I for money-o
What do I care for my new-wedded lord
I'm off with the raggle-taggle gypsy-o