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Beginn jeweils 20:30 Uhr
14.07. Hockenheim
21.07. Siebeldingen
20:00 Uhr

Hochstadt Knoppfest
bei der Feuerwehr

18.08. Bindersbach
20:00 Uhr
01.09. Landeck, Saisonabschluss
19:00 Uhr!



02.12. Bellheim
07.12. Adventsfest Knöringen
ab 17:00
08.12. Birkenhördt, St. Gallus 17:00
09.12. Landau, Augustinerkirche 18:00
15.12. Wilgartswiesen


In God you not alone

It's time to sleep, just close you're eyes
The star is shining light
So warm und peaceful here in your bed
I'm here to hold you tight

I ask my self, which way you will go
What kind o man you'll be
Decide between the good and the bad
The reason is up to me

And should the world be hard as a stone
In God you're not alone

I hear your breath equal and charm
So far away from here
The faded light falls into the room
You never have to fear

No matter what the future will bring
Which fate is on your way
The lord will lead you strong by the hand
Forever and a day

He counts on you from heavenly throne
In God you're not alone

Joachim Lochbaum