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Beginn jeweils 20:30 Uhr
14.07. Hockenheim
21.07. Siebeldingen
20:00 Uhr

Hochstadt Knoppfest
bei der Feuerwehr

18.08. Bindersbach
20:00 Uhr
01.09. Landeck, Saisonabschluss
19:00 Uhr!



02.12. Bellheim
07.12. Adventsfest Knöringen
ab 17:00
08.12. Birkenhördt, St. Gallus 17:00
09.12. Landau, Augustinerkirche 18:00
15.12. Wilgartswiesen


Dumbartons Drums (reinhören)

Dumbartons drums they sound so bonny
And they reminds me on my Johnnie
Such found delight doth steal upon me
When Johnnie kneels and kisses me.

Across the fields o bounding heather
Dumbartons tools the hour o pleasure
A song of love thats without measure
When Johnnie sings his song to me.

Its he alone that can delight me
His roving een it doth invite me
And when his tender arms enfold me
The blackest night doth turn an flee.

My Johnnie is a handsome laddie
And though he is Dumbartons caddie
Some day Ill be a captains lady
When Johnnie tends his vows te me.