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11.05. Leimersheim
22.06 Landeck - Johannisfeuer
20.07 Siebeldingen
17.08 Bindersbach
31.08 Landeck - Saisonabschluss


Dainty Davy (reinhören)

It was in and through the window broads
And a' the tirlie wirlies o't
The sweetest kiss that e'er I got
Was from my Dainty Davy.


Oh, leeze me on your curly pow
Dainty Davy, Dainty Davy
Leeze me on your curly pow
My ain dear Dainty Davy.
It was doon amang my Daddy's pease
And underneath the cherry trees
Oh, there he kissed me as he pleased
For he was mine own dear Davy.


When he was chased by a dragoon
Into my bed he was laid doon
I thocht him worthy o' his room
For he's aye my Dainty Davy.

Chorus x 2