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16.05. Leimersheim
13.06. Landeck - Johannisfeuer
27.06. Burg Münzenburg
05.09. Landeck - Saisonabschluss

17:00 Uhr

05.12.2020 St. Gallus, Birkenhördt,
17:00 Uhr


Brave in our heart

For a long time our country layed down, fear and despair ruled the life,
But we tried to stand up for a new age of time and we found our way to survive,
Between meadows and hills and moss-covered stones, clear rivers and valleys of green,
Well, this landscape, so bonnie, we call "our Home", it's the best place where ever I've been

We are brave in our heart, and we'll always stand steady together
We are brave in our heart, and we'll stay in this country forever
Our love, our place, full of light, full of grace
No one tears us apart, 'cause we'll always be brave in our heart

So, come on, my dear friend, let us sit by the fire, and fill up our glasses again,
Let us sing the old songs from the land and the sea, and from heather and brave highland-men
Keep the memory constandly deep in our heart, don't forget to be proud o' your past
Live for freedom and peace, avoid hatred and pain, and you'll get your fullfilment at last!